Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Target browsing paid off today!

I was able to buy this sandbox for $25.87 (regular price $103.49) using the last of my giftcards. This sandbox looks super cute, and I love the canopy to keep the kids in the shade. It'll be perfect for the older boy's birthday next year, I think. If this is something you want, go quickly! There were only 2 of these at our store, and I just bought one.

I (or quite possibly my super handy husband) will have to devise some sort of cover to keep all the neighborhood cats out of it- but I'm really looking forward to setting it up for the little guys.

I did go tonight in hopes of finding one of the little tyke's picnic tables (also supposedly 75% off) but found none. There are still quite a few toys on clearance, most are marked as far down as they're going to get. I also noticed a ton of fabric softeners marked down (only 30%) so grab your coupons and head to Target if you need some!


  1. Which Target did you go to? I couldn't find anything that was 75% off last time I was there (maybe I wasn't looking in the right section).

  2. Beth, I went to the silverdale store. I saw on your profile that you're near Renton? I know they had the little tykes table (for $15 or something crazy like that!) there this afternoon. Clearance toys at my store were in sporting goods or on the hidden endcaps. Really though, you just have to look everywhere!

  3. Thanks Maygan! Yes I am near Renton. I may have to make a trip without kids so I can do a thorough search.

  4. Thank you! I need to get over there.