Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fred Meyer: cheap disposable diapers

Frugal Living NW has the scoop on how to get "Comforts for Baby" Kroger brand diapers for $3.99 a pack right here. I've never used this brand, but I'd imagine they work just fine for daytime.

We're about out of disposables, so both boys will be going back into cloth. I had stockpiled quite a bit more diapers than I realized in an effort to make things easier on me following the birth of the youngest (he's 5 months!). Cloth are so much cheaper in the long run, but disposables are nice to have on hand sometimes.


  1. Thanks for posting this link. I was able to get a package today - great deal! Any time you find deals on diapers, I'd love to hear about it!

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cloth do you use? I did some quick math on how much it would cost to go cloth for my second baby and found that it would actually cost more per year than what I'd paid for diapers for my first baby (and I usually just buy diapers from Costco). So, I'm curious what you use and it would be a bonus to know how much it costs you a year too.

  2. Sara, I'd be happy to pass on the diaper deals and I'm glad you were able to get some good ones.

    How much you save doing cloth really depends on what cloth you buy. I started when my oldest was 11 months with a couple of BumGenious all-in-ones and a ton of prefolds (super cheap!) with covers. I spent somewhere around $50-60 and he's still in those diapers. I added a few pockets for when we go out and was gifted a few more bum-genious (including a one-size 3.0) and probably spent another $30-40. My husband's cousin also made a few pockets for us, I'm too nervous to try sewing elastic! He's 26 months now and in the same diapers. I bought a pretty wetbag as well, and that was about $20 (not cheap).

    With number 2, I knew I'd need smaller diapers so I started buying early. I bought quite a few "used" for $5-6 bucks each (pocket change diapers with inserts). I also bought some fattycakes fitteds and covers for $8-10 each. Once again, the husband's cousin gave us a ton of too-small for her daughter pockets to use. so, a full stash in smaller sizes cost less than $50.

    We do a lot of diaper swapping between ourselves because sometimes what works great on one kid doesn't work so well for another. That helps save a ton of money. Making your own diapers or buying used also saves a ton. I'm about to spend quite a bit of money on 3 more new bumgenious 3.0's but the cost is very worth it to me, since the diapers fit both boys and it will eliminate most the clutter in my diaper bag. So...it's been about $170 for cloth for both boys so far. Since boys are usually in diapers til close to 3, that's about 5 years of diapers (pretty good, and even better if we have more).