Thursday, August 13, 2009

Safeway: Nature Valley & BC Fruit Snacks

Super great deal on Nature Valley Granola bars and Betty Crocker fruit snacks this week! This deal requires the use of a "Super Coupon" from Safeway's ad- and to use that you're supposed to have $20 minimum purchase. Anyways, here's the plan:

Buy 4 Nature Valley Granola Bars for $10 total
Use the Safeway super coupon, it'll take off $4
Use 2 $0.40/1 - Nature Valley Granola Bars
Use 2 $0.40/1 - Nature Valley Granola Bars
Pay $4.40 out of pocket, receive $2.50 catalina
Final Price: $1.90 for 4 (net cost)

Buy 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks for $8 total
Use the Safeway super coupon to take off $4
Use 2 $0.40/1 BC Fruit Snacks
Use 2 $0.40/1 BC Fruit Snacks
Pay $2.40, get $2.50 in catalinas
Final Price: Better than free

These catalinas "roll"... that means you can use that catalina to buy more of the same items. Check and Better Crocker's website for more of the same coupon!

edited to add: keep an eye out for boxes marked as possibly containing a $5 cashcard. Winning one would make this deal even sweeter! (note: if you're open to it, I've heard the tropical fruit stickers kind are coming up as winner fairly often. It may be nothing, but you never know!)

edited one more time to say: you can to do 4 fruit snacks and 4 granola bars in one transaction, to bring you up to $18 of the $20 minimum purchase you need to use the coupons in the first place. Thanks to Jen over at Trhifty NW Mom for bringing that to my attention!!


  1. I'm just going to have to move!!!

  2. Ahh, finally some Safeway deals ( right behind our neighborhood)..and we have lots of these coupons!! Thank you!! :)

  3. This is probably a silly question, but are you breaking these up into 2 transactions then? Or could you do them both together...I'm thinking they would only print 1 catalina, right, even if you had 4 fruit snacks and 4 granolas. B/c that would be a little bit of a pain to do it twice w/having to get to the $20 minimum each time. Money Saving Mom has a scenario where she's doing it all together (4 and 4) and then getting back $5 in catalinas, so it looks like it would work? I couldn't remember how Safeway's catalinas worked.

  4. Jen, both cats are seperate so you can do them together and should $5 back. I'm going to edit this post to reflect that, thank you!! I'm not actually doing this deal- I like the granola bars but they're too dry for the toddler and the husband does't eat them. None of us really does fruit snacks either.