Monday, August 24, 2009

A kroger post (for the sister)

I don't usually do Kroger deals because we don't really have one (QFC and Fred Meyers are part of the Kroger family but the prices are super different, so it's not really the same) but my little sister just moved and has a Kroger so I hope no one minds if I post a few things here for her! If you're a regular reader and know of anyone who posts good Kroger matchups (especially with organic/vegan-friendly foods) please comment with a link.

Okay, step 1- get a membership card (you could borrow one, but it's best to get your own). Now, you'll want to load it with some ecoupons. Go to Unilever, Cellfire, Shortcuts, and PG esaver. Sign up with them and load any coupons you think you might use (use the "would I buy it if it were pennies/free" reasoning to decide).

In case you don't have it at the moment, here is the ad this week. It goes through Saturday the 29th. I check the Kroger thread on SD for you, and here's the post with coupon matchups for the sale this week (with links to internet coupons). They're having a Mega-event and things listed with *'s are participating- you'd have to buy any 10 participating items to get that price (otherwise each item is $0.50 more).

Deals I like for you: Nature Valley granola bars (should be a pretty good deal after coupons & catalina), those nut clusters, El Paso refried beans, maybe Naked Juice, Kroger frozen Hashbrowns($1.88), Dole Gold Pineapple ($2.50 ea), Mixed Color Value Peppers 2 lb Bag ($2.99 ea).

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    kind of silly to respond to my own post, but this is a good one!