Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a photoless Albies trip...

I made a trip earlier this week for cereal, and using catalinas earned from the double dip paid pennies for 13 boxes of cereal and 2 bags nut clusters. I used some of my catalinas to buy produce and croutons. Since the deal was on the husbands favorite cereals, I decided I better make another run today and purchased:

4 boxes cinnamon toast crunch (used two $1 off 2 printables)
6 boxes kix (used six $.75 printables)
4 bags nut clusters (used four $1 printables)
2 pints starbucks ice cream (used two $2 insert coupons)
2 gallons of milk

I paid using a $2 survey coupon and $7 in catalinas I had leftover, making my out-of-pocket $15.48 and got my $15 in catalinas. (My net cost for all of that is about $9.48). I saved $53.98. I also spent about $16 at Safeway on 9lbs hamburger, a bunch of bananas, and a chicken (it was priced wrong, so it was cheap). Making my running total spent this week about $30. I never posted my totals from last week- I purchased my milk, bread, and eggs earlier this week using up the last of my QFC giftcard. Besides that, it was just the $35.20 at Albies. That's a couple of cheap weeks!

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