Sunday, August 2, 2009

dollar store shopping spree

The toddler has been a bit difficult lately and while I suspect a lot of that is due to his being 2 and testing boundaries, I think some more structured time to his day will help. So, we went to the dollar store today and bought about $43 of educational-type activities and some good crafting items (and some candy for the husband and I):

I just need to get organized, and then we can basically start "school" for the oldest guy. I think a little bit of time here and there will really help, and all these goodies will make it extra fun. If anyone has any neat ideas for me, let me know. I'm definitely open to suggestions!


  1. I'll be doing a little more structure with my 3 year old son when school starts for my oldest. We also make a point to be at the 2-3 year old's story time at the library as often as we can. He loves it and it's a great time to interact with other kids.
    I am looking forward to some structure soon! I hate to say it, but Summer time is hard for mommies!!!

  2. I think this will keep them busy for a while. I guess I would say clear a spot in the closet. And then just keep that area for educational stuff only.

  3. I've learned that this kind of thing is good, but only for awhile. If you let them do it for too long in one day, or too many longer times for a few days in a row, they get burnt out just like we would. Keep the times limited (30 min. or so at max) and it's always a treat! I've posted a few ideas to do with little ones at:

  4. Thanks for the tips, and I'll be checking that page Carrie!