Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deals around town 8/19-26

I didn't get my ads yesterday, so I'm going to link you in the right directions and mention a few of my favorite highlights.


  • Kimmiy Clips Albies Matchup
  • Culinary Circle pizza is $3.99 (and delicious!) but besides that I don't see much of anything worth doing unless they release doublers on Sunday.
  • If you buy the pizza, check the 2-liters of coke for $1 off two 2liters hangtags for some cheap soda to go with it.

Fred Meyers:

  • Check out Frugal Living NW's post on how you can get store brand diapers for $2.99 a pack. That's a great deal on diapers!


  • Moneywise Mom's Safeway Matchup
  • Krazy Coupon Lady's list of Safeway deals
  • Pepperidge Farm cookies on sale for $2, use the $1 printable at to get them for $1 each. yum!
  • Possible FREE bacon! Register with Smithfield and you'll be offered a $3 off 1 pkg. coupon- it's on sale at Safeway this week for $3.00. However, it is Safeway's policy that they don't have to accept IP coupons if they exceed half the items price.


  • will be having a Mega Event: buy 10 items, save $5 instantly
  • I'll try to update with what's going on today if I get the ad early, otherwise it won't be til tomorrow!

And the Walgreens photo deal for today? Well, you'll have to visit Jen over at ThriftyNWMom for the details! Today is the husband and my anniversary and I've got things to do today. Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Do you think you can find coupons for Winco?

  2. Happy Anniversary girl! Have a great time! Thanks for the round-up.

  3. Thanks Jane!

    Jenn, the coupons I posted work anywhere that takes printable coupons (WinCo included). If I see any good deals listed anywhere, I'll mention them for you!

  4. Where's the avocado coupon for Safeway? i can't find it...

  5. They were in little booklets that have been in and out of stores (Safeway, QFC, and Albertsons for sure) all summer. They say "Celebrate Summer" and are usually located near the Corona. Some people have also found avocado coupons near the avocados in-store (these are $0.55 off 1). Hope you find some!!

  6. Thanks. I'll keep my eye out...

  7. ...guess the ad I had seen online with avocado price wasn't right. My store has them for $1.99 apiece- not a good deal!

  8. I tried the bacon deal at Safeway in Puyallup (at the south hill store) today and got rejected. Has anyone else had success with it?

  9. Kim, I haven't tried but I do know some people have had success. That's why I wanted to post the little warning about their coupon policy.

  10. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for the link!