Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm back!

We spent a little bit of time at the beach this weekend, and we have sand everywhere to prove it!

okay, well...the sand isn't between our toes anymore, but there's plenty in the back of the car. The toddler had a blast rolling around in it and chasing seagulls. The littlest one liked the sounds on the kites zipping around and the comfort of our beach blanket & the (free from Rite Aid) beach umbrella blocking the wind.

We hit some stores on the way back...I had really wanted to check out the toys clearance at Target. Our store was pretty well cleared, but I managed to get a few really neat things we'll probably use as Christmas gifts for super cheap (on a gift card). Then, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up some of those cheap frappucinos I mentioned earlier this week (yesterday was the last day). It was a terrible experience...I was accused of coupon fraud, the cashier used inappropriate language, and eventually rang it up correctly but not before throwing a fit and yelling that she'd probably lose her job as a result. She was confused about how their store coupons work, and thought that "one per purchase" meant exactly the same thing as "one per transaction". I wrote an email when I got home in the hopes that someone can clear that up...but I certainly won't be checking out in her lane ever again! I spent $1 there and then another $5 on 3 gallons of milk at Fred Meyers.

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