Thursday, August 27, 2009

QFC this week: 10/$10 mix and match

Just remember- you don't need to buy in sets of 10 for this deal (unlike the megasale). Each participating item will ring up as $1 after your loyalty card is scanned. If you don't have one, just ask- they'll hand you the form and a set of cards at checkout. I'm only listing the items with coupons I know about, check your ads for more participating items!

Banquet Frozen Dinners ($1 off 4 in September All You)= $3 for 4
Barilla Piccolino Pasta ($.50 off 1 insert)= $.50/box
Haagen-Dazs single serve cups ($1 off 3 printable)= $2 for 3
Jolly Time Popcorn 3-pack ($1 off 2 in MDA book at Safeway)= $1 for 2
Propel (look for $.55 off hangtags)= $.45 each
Sobe Lifewater (BOGO free printable)= $1 for 2

If you see anything I missed, let me know! The Jolly Time and Haagen-Dazs will both be better deals at Albertsons after doublers (coming Sunday). The pasta is a pretty good deal, especially since I like the way barilla cooks better than anything else.

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