Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I was wrong about QFC's megasale

...the mega sale continues through this week as well, it's just unadvertised. I have a pretty good list of what's included here and you can check out what I was able to get (sadly, it's without all the coupon details) for a whopping $29.77 right here!

If you want to tackle this sale (it's a nice one) you might want to load your loyalty card with ecoupons from and because a lot of their coupons match with the sale. You'll also want to check through your recent inserts because there are quite a few handy coupons there. Just be sure to buy your items in groups of 10 to get the $5 discount. You can buy as many items as you want in one transaction and the $5 should come off for every ten- but it's easier to make sure the math is right in small batches! Good luck!!

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