Monday, August 17, 2009

My deals today: Walgreens and Albertsons

Walgreens: $1.44 spent, $19.25 saved

I had to go pick up my photos today (all 50 of them for $0.27) and I had a $4 Register Reward that would expire Wednesday. The toothbrushes were in the clearance section for $0.25 each so I picked up a few to donate and the 2lb bag of peanuts was only $3.00- yumm!

My Kraft Deal at Albertsons:
Out-of-pocket $7.34 (I paid with $10 in catalinas), total saved: $40.23
...and I got a $5 catalina and my $20 rebate form! I used a $1 off 2 cream cheese coupon, two $1 off 2 trail mix coupons, three $1 off 2 cookie coupons, and three doublers.

Transaction #2: $6.89 spent, $9.17 saved

I used a $1 Tart frozen Yogurt tearpad coupon, a $1 starbucks coupon, a $0.75 flatbread coupon, and three doublers. The culinary circle pizza was a bit of a splurge at $4.50, but it's less than a little ceaser's pizza (the cheapest in town @ $5) and is ridiculously good. If you haven't tried it yet, you should! It's made with fancy cheeses (pepperoni has mozzarella and smoked gouda) and the crust gets puffy and's unlike any frozen pizza I've ever had! (wanna try it? wait til wednesday when it goes on sale for $3.99...I'll probably pick up a few more)

Transaction #3: $2.61 spent, $7.20 savedI used two $1 starbucks coupons, one $1 beef coupon (found in-store), and three doublers.

My mom's Kraft Promo deal:

$10.25 out-of-pocket (paid with $5 in catalinas), total saved $38.88
She gets nervous trying to figure out "complicated deals" so we worked out her scenario together. She used six $1 off 2 trail mix coupons, two $1 off 2 cookie coupons, and three doublers. She got back $5 in catalinas and her $20 rebate form. Such a fun shopping trip! All in all, we spent $28.53 between the two of us (and saved $114.73!!) with another $10 in catalinas and two $20 rebates headed our way!


  1. Hey, Nice job! But I did notice that the Frappuccino was half empty already . . . :)

  2. Great find on toothbrushes! Hey have you found the Walgreens coloring book in your area? Its suppose to have coupons in it? I keep reading about it around the blog but haven't found it here! Leave me a comment on my blog if you do. You also reminded me I want to use my planters coupon on trail mix tomorrow!!! Thanks!