Monday, August 31, 2009

Free and cheap organic food: Albies brag

My mom and I went on an Albies shopping spree of sorts, we hit 2 stores in town and saved over $100 between the two of us. I won't go into tons of details since I already mentioned most of the freebies in an earlier post. Still, feel free to ask questions if you've got 'em.

$7.73 spent, $74.75 saved
That's my haul from today, done in a total of 7 transactions. You'll see 4 Hefty, 2 bottles Ketchup, Rice Krispies (used free item q from vocal point), 5 bags frozen broccoli, 1 bag frozen green beans, carton of chocolate soy milk, 7 cheap steaks & 1 pkg stir fry beef, graduates sips (with a try me free sticker for $3.79 rebate), 2 bags lifesavers. One of my $1 lifesaver coupons didn't scan, so I just had the cashier give me my coupon back and paid the extra dollar. The baby was getting hungry and I didn't want to hassle with a refund. All in all, it was an awesome trip and I'm really loving Albies. I also got a $2 survey on one of my receipts (and the toddler got a free tootsie roll from one of our favorite cashiers).

$1.27 spent, $37.30 saved

This is my mom's brag...she was super excited with her savings today as well. She did 4 transactions (using a $2 survey coupon from last week to pay on one), got a $2 survey on one of her receipts, and some great items. Her brag includes: 2 Almond joy bars (not pictured), 4 avocados, lamb chops, one cheap steak, fresh cilantro, bag frozen broccoli, bag baby peeled carrots, tortilla chips, bag corn tortillas, can mighty dog (used free item q), 2 cans pringles, pint starbucks (used free item q), box penne, and an organic chocolate bar.


  1. Great work! Did you purchase some extra papers for the doublers? I just did one transaction and I just posted about it. I was able to get the free Wild Harvest Veggies. Thanks for the heads up on that, I really needed them!

  2. No, my store had the doublers out today and were handing them out one at a time. My favorite cashier at that store came on halfway through our transactions and handed me a stack of doublers. He's wonderful!

  3. I still long to be you!