Monday, August 3, 2009

Albies: free stayfree and some double dipping!

Here's what I did today (and it's complicated):

Spent $35.20, Saved $108.35, have $27 in catalinas left...

...or a net cost of $8.20!!

Some of the items participating in that "spend $30, get $15" catalina deal overlap with an unadvertised "spend $30, get $12" catalina, making for an amazing 'spend $30, get $27 in catalinas' deal. I do not know how long this overlaps, but rumor is that may end tomorrow or may go until the 9th. The easiest one to do is q-tips (500ct @ $3ea and 375ct@ $2.50ea both qualify). The Dove shampoo counted, but it's only a very specific size/smell combo. The grapes were cheap, nut cluster $.50 after coupon, and the glue was $1. For the Stayfree, I used 4 $1 off printables and 4 "buy one, get one free" coupons with 3 doublers making it all $1 +tax AND I got back a $5 catalina for having spent $15+ on these items.

No, I'm not a crazy crazy stockpiler (can you imagine how long it'd take to use that many qtips?!). Some of the items went home with my mom and quite a few will be going into the donation box. Plus, I actually did need qtips!


  1. Great Job! I don't blame you for wanting a few Q tips of your own. We seem to go through a lot of them and I HATE buying them at $3.50 or more a box retail!
    Have you tried the nut clusters yet? I was going to purchase some for DH's lunches and thought I'd ask if you like them, we have never had them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Question: the doublers specifically say only two per family per shopping did you do it in one transaction? And if your answer is "just because the checker allowed it," do you still think that is ethical? I'm new to couponing and am trying to figure out what's okay and what's not. This seems wrong to me to purposely misuse the coupon, but enlighten me if I'm missing somehting...

  3. Sara, sorry...I should have clarified that I did 3 seperate transactions at 2 different stores (I didn't want to wipe out any one store of qtips!). The first transaction was the stayfree and grapes with 3 doublers (from the ad last tuesday). The second was one dove and more qtips (also using 3 doublers). The third was 4 dove and more qtips (using only 2 doublers since I was out of the sets of three).

    You can use up to five in one transaction (3 from the weekly ad and 2 from sunday's ad) although some cashiers don't like to do this- managers at both of my stores have said it's okay. Some stores may say no, and that's okay too...the two per family per transaction wording is where it gets tricky. some managers interpret it as "two of these ones and three of those ones" and others say "only two". I don't think the store itself has set a policy on that, but when they do, I'll happily follow their rules.

    As for shopping trip, Albies tends to stick with a rule of 3. Three transactions in a row are okay, more than 3 people in a line and they're supposed to open more registers, etc. Of course on busy days or at busy times, I don't feel comfortable holding up the lines with multiple transactions. Hope that all helped some!!

  4. Jane, yes we like them! We were able to try the samples and the husband said they were okay but not great. Now that we have them, he'll eat an entire bag in one sitting. My two-year old begs for them. If you like kind of sweet granola, you'll probably like this.

  5. You really are amazing. I know I leave the same comment every time but I don't know what else to say but Wow and you amaze me. I'm still longing to be you when I grow up!!! And I'm still older than you. I love coming over here just to see the miracles that you work.

  6. Just dropped over to say hi!

  7. How did you find which size/smell combos for the Dove?

  8. Kaila, it's the large bottles that work:



    hope that helps! if you want the upc's and everything, feel free to email me. they overlap through at least the 9th!